7 - Roll the Credits

Special thanks go to Eric Haines <erich at eye.com> for his help and the
wealth of information he has provided both directly and in Ray Tracing
News, FTP lists, etc.

Thanks also to all those people who maintain other lists,
bibliographies, FTP sites, or have provided me with specific
information, told me where to look, produced mini-faqs (thanks John) or
have just posted answers to the group:

  John Beale <beale at leland.Stanford.edu>
  Nick Fotis <nfotis at theseas.ntua.gr>
  Jim Grimes <jimg at bongo.jpl.nasa.gov>
  Ian Grimstead <I.J.Grimstead at cm.cf.ac.uk>
  Eric Haines <erich at eye.com>
  Laszlo Herczeg <las at light-house at whome.planix.com>
  Chris W. Morris <cwm at hopper.itc.virginia.edu>
  Frank Neumann <Frank.Neumann at arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>
  Bjorn-Kare Nilssen <bjoernk at oslonett.no>
  George Kyriazis <kyriazis at mistral.esd.sgi.com>
  Daniel Palermo <palermo at crhc.uiuc.edu>
  Harry Rowe <Harry.Rowe at wedowind.meaddata.com>
  Heinz Schuller <heinzs at delphi.com>
  Rick Speer <speer at crl.com>
  Greg Ward  <greg at pink.lbl.gov>
  Andy Wardley <abw at peritas.demon.co.uk>
  Oliver Weyand <chbrin3 at nyx.uni-konstanz.de>
  Marius Watz <mariusw at ifi.uio.no>

Finally, some king-size thanks to all those people out there who have
developed, and continue to do so, all the ray tracing software and
utilities that keep us so occupied.  Wives, girlfriends and children
may disagree on this point, but thanks anyway.

Special awards in this category go to Dan Farmer
<70703.1632 at compuserve.com> who wins the Award for "Not-Only-Doing-All-
All-Round-Mr.-Nice-Guy", and Chris Cason <Chris.Cason at povray.org> who
gets the coveted "Also-Does-His-POV-Bit-Especially-Being-Admin-of-the-

Sorry if I've forgotten anyone.  Thanks anyway.

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