My Research Interests

My primary interest is in the processing of M-D signals. Currently, I am looking at ways to enhance and encode M-D signals using unconventional scanning methods.

Conventional processing methods assume the raster scan approach in their designs. This often results in stability problems due to edge discontinuity. In addition, only correlation along one of the dimensions can be accessed through the raster scan. This is very inefficient considering the amount of correlation in the M-D signals such as images or videos. In order to reduce the edge discontinuity and also better exploit the correlation in the signal, I have decided to use a continuous scan in place of the rasterscan.

One such scan is the Peanoscan (also known as Peano-Hilbert scan), which is based on the Hilbert curve. The Hilbert curve is a continuous, non-differentiable curve that has the ability to fill a finite rectangular M-D space. This is not a new idea; it has been applied to image compression. My objective now is to discover any benefits that can be obtained from such a scanning operation and investigate ways to incorporate them into the processing of the signal.

Other Interests

Beside prcoessing using unconventional scanning, I am also interested in the following areas with applications on M-D DSP:

17th Nov 1994

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