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Updated Sept 12th, 2003

What's with the goat?
This picture was taken in May, 2002, in Souzdal: a small town north-east of Moscow. You can see a church in the background - the churches in Russia were spectacular.

Don Dansereau and a guy in a hat

Vladimir_Church Moscva_space (19K)

Some other highlights: A church in the small town of Vladimir (left), the Space Monument in Moscow (right), and the Moscow metro system (below), which gives the impression of having been designed to double as an art gallery (it was in fact designed to act as a series of bomb shelters, but someone obviously decided that if they were going to be sheltered from bombs, they were going to do it in style). The image below is of a stained glass in the Mendeleevskaya station, picturing none other than Mendeleev himself. I'm posing with a guy who wouldn't stop reciting Russian at us - I think he believed himself to be Rasputin reincarnated or something.

Metro (35K)

On the same trip, we went to Ireland. Two words: Green, and Guinness! Can you spot me in the third picture?

Phoenix_Park (51K)

Guinness_bottles (53K)

Moher (26K)

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