Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Calgary Weather

The current weather forcast for the Calgary region: 

(Thanks to A-Channel in Calgary)

Calgary Time

In Calgary (and Alberta) it is: 


Live Pictures of Calgary Calgary 7 (CICT)

These are some live pictures of Calgary -- updated every 10 minutes (or so they say).  Since I am indoors without a window most of the day, it is nice to see what it is like outside!  Thanks to Calgary 7 Television (CICT) for providing the views.  These shots are used for their weather forcasts and news so you might see someone adjusting the camera from time to time (if you are lucky).
Live shot from the Petro Canada Building 
This is a live shot from the Petro-Canada Building, the tallest building in downtown Calgary.
Live shot of Calgary from Calgary 7 Television 
This shot is from the top of the Calgary 7 Television (CICT) studios.