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HPB Proxy is a Quake Proxy that you can play through in order to physically increase your ping (delay in sending/receiving updates).  Unlike some other proxies, HPB Proxy does NOT give the user a "fake" ping.  It provides an interface to the connecting client via the "say" Quake console command.  Thus, no messy impulses are required.  HPB Proxy has a console of its own for controlling settings.

Currently it is available for the following platforms:

Sorry, no Windoze (I did try but it would involve too much re-coding.  The access to the Windows timers is just awful compared to UNIX).

HPB Proxy is currently in its testing phase (and it might be that way forever) so it may not be entirely stable.  I don't really plan for it to reach version 1.0 (maybe 0.9999999, but not 1.0 :-).  If you want to ask questions, leave comments, or indicate problems with the program (or its documentation), e-mail me at: dreveny@enel.ucalgary.ca.nojunk (remove the ".nojunk")

Who should use HPB Proxy?

Everyone who is tired of hearing other players say: "You damn LPB, if your ping was as high as mine I would be wiping the floor with you!"  If you have a good connection to a server (like being on the same LAN) you can now put yourself on the same playing field as other players and show them who is the real better player.  If you find networked Quake becoming boring because you are soooo good, you can use HPB Proxy to make a game with some newbies more interesting.


In order to download the current version of HPB Proxy, just choose your platform from the Platform-o-Matic (table) below:
Linux (ELF) 2.0.35 - version 0.992b

old versions: 
Linux (ELF) 2.0.35 - version 0.991b
Linux (ELF) 2.0.33 - version 0.99b
Linux (ELF) 2.0.2 - version 0.9b

IBM AIX 4.1 - version 0.9b View the README

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