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Daily Comic Strips
The Dilbert Zone

Every engineer's favorite comic!

Dr. Fun

Similar to the Far Side, but stranger.


Cool Sites and Indexes

Cool Site of the Day -- A new cool site chosen each day. 

Canuck Site of the Day! -- A Canadian version. 


Math and Digital Signal Processing (Theory)

Numerical Recipies in C -- You can download parts of the book for viewing. 

Amara's Wavelet Page

Andreas Uhl's Wavelets - Internet Sources

MathSoft's Wavelet Resources

Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics -- Any mathematical topic you need to learn about.

My Friends

Mark Chakravorti -- has some hillarious Simpsons sounds. 

Neil Cumbria -- Still under construction (the page, and the man)

Tristan Spronken-- A very "civil" man

Real Time Fun

The Interactive Model Railroad -- You can control a real train set over the Web! 

The Trojan Room Coffee Machine -- See how much coffee is left in the pot. 

NASA's Shuttle Web Archives -- Check out the current launch status of the Space Shuttle and information on past and upcomming missions. 

World Report from CBC National Radio News -- The latest news from the Canadian Brodcasting Corporation.

Television Shows

The Official Simpsons Website

The Official Ally McBeal Website -- I'm not sure if I should say it, but I am really getting into this show.

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