Research Interests
Multirate Filter Banks
  During 1996 (summer), I worked in the area of Multirate Filter Banks and Subband Coding.  Based on the work done by a graduated member of the MDDSP group (Bo Liu), I wrote a program which aids in the design of Non-uniform band multirate filter banks. 
Multirate filter bank designer

  Since multirate filter banks are similar to wavelet decomposition, I have also done some work with wavelets.  Here are some great links to some on-line wavelet resources:

Current Research:
Non-Uniform Sampling of Multidimentional Data 
  In order to reduce the storage and transmission requirements for multidimentional sequences (images (2D) or image sequences (3D)), non-uniform sampling can be applied.  In low frequency (temporal or spacial) areas, the data can be reconstructed using fewer data points than the original sequence with little or no visible errors -- at least to the human eye.  Thus, this sparse representation of the data reduces the storage or transmission requirements for the data sequence.

None as of yet.