Trip Pictures

Below are a few pictures from some trips I've taken over the past year.  I have many more pictures, but these are the only ones I've had time to scan.  Click on the thumbnail images for larger versions.

September, 1998

This is a picture of me on the beach near the seawall in Stanley Park.
Here's another B&W shot of the seawall.
This is a pond in Stanley Park.

July, 1999

The entrance to St. John's harbour, also known as The Narrows.  A large chunk of rock was recently removed (dynamited) from the harbour floor to make room for large ships.
Here's me standing atop Signal Hill.  This site is famous for hosting the first wireless transatlantic reception by Marconi.
This is one of many ships that dock in St. John's harbour every day.  This one services the Hibernia offshore oil platform.


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