Farm north of Calgary
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Rocky Mountains as seen from my deck
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Glenmore Park in Calgary
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary is our home city, and we love it so much we decided to include some of its scenery for your enjoyment, even though we do not normally sleep in a tent here. Calgary is located in south-western Alberta and has a population of about 750,000. About an hours drive from Banff National Park, and the Canadian Rockies, opportunities for hiking, skiing and other outdoor pastimes are plentiful.

About Calgary: In the summer, Calgary is home to the Calgary Stampede, billed as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. This is 10 days of celebration and fun, and gives everyone working in Calgary a chance to get out of their suit, put on some jeans, cowboy boots, and a nice cowboy hat, and have some fun. Over a million people visit the Stampede each year.

In 1988, Calgary hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Calgary is also the home of the Calgary Flames NHL franchise, winner of the 1987 Stanley Cup. The Calgary Stampeders, our CFL (Canadian Football League) team are the reigning champions.

The weather in Calgary is one of extremes. In the summer, typical temperature is about 20 degrees C. However, there is always a slim chance of a summer snowstorm, especially if you are in the mountains. In the winter, temperatures are around -15 degrees C, and can be as low as -35C. With frequent "sunstorms", called Chinooks, which can drive the temperatures up 15 degrees/hour, the temperature can go from -30C to +15C in a single afternoon. Chinooks can last between a day and several weeks, giving us a nice break and muddy cars.

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