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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is located on the northern border of Arizona, USA. This is positively the most spectacular hole in the ground in the world - approximately 1800m deep.

Favourite Campground: Mather Campground - a nice, centrally located campground in Grand Canyon Village. Do not expect to drive up to the gate and find a spot - reservations are accepted by phone, so you should try to reserve a spot about 4 months in advance. There are hike-in camprounds in the canyon, but you must reserve a year in advance.

Location: Grand Canyon Village

Size: 318 sites

Favourite Activities: Spectacular views of the canyon can be enjoyed from viewpoints located on both the north and south rims. There are miles of walks along the south rim and, of course, there are hiking trails into the canyon. If you decide to hike into the canyon, make sure you are well prepared, and keep in mind that going down into the canyon is a lot easier than going back up. A popular hike down is the Bright Angel Trail through Indian Gardens to Plateau Point, which offers a very different perspective on the canyon than from the top, as well as a view into the lowest 1000m of the canyon through granite formations. Leave early in the morning and plan to sit out the hottest part of the day (noon to 4:00PM) at Indian Gardens. Enquire at the visitor's centre about other life-saving tips.

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