Steam from lake (GIF 240x320 69k) (JPEG 480x640 46k)

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Yellowstone falls (GIF 320x240 67k) (JPEG 640x480 41k)

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is located on the Montana-Wyoming border, in USA. While most famous for its geothermal features, Yellowstone also includes an impressive canyon as well as a beautiful lake in its south-eastern corner.

Favourite Campground: Madison Campground - this campground is much like the other campgrounds in Yellowstone, but its location is most convenient.

Location: 0.5km west of Madison Junction

Size: 292 sites

Favourite Activities: Miles of boardwalks wind through the many geothermal basins allowing close views of the crystal-clear, boiling pools, small and large geysers, a variety of boiling mud pools and terraces. Many hikes take you to birds-eye views of the area. Wildlife is abundant, including bison walking through campgrounds. Being the first National Park in the world, Yellowstone has plenty of tradition proudly displayed in the many visitor's centres around the park.

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