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Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located in southern Utah, USA. Although Zion is usually overshadowed by the nearby Grand Canyon, it is very unique and is certainly a worthwhile detour on your Grand Canyon trip. Its primary attractions are a variety of very interesting geological creations, including water-erosion-sculpted mountains, towering vertical walls and spectacular arches on these walls.

Favourite Campgrounds: Watchman and South Campgrounds. These two campgrounds are very much alike. Since Zion is located pretty-much in the middle of a desert, one can not expect lush vegetation surrounding each site. In fact the distinguishing feature between a good and a not so good site is that the good site has a tree which can provide shade in the evening. A river flows through the campgrounds, so on a scorching-hot day you have the option of using it instead of the car air-conditioner. Do not leave your shoes outside the tent overnight - Zion is scorpion country.

Location: 1km and 1.5 km north of Springdale on SR 9, respectively

Size: 228 and 141 sites, respectively

Favourite Activities: There is plenty to see in Zion - even if you do not want to leave your air-conditioned car. There are many hikes, some of which take you to the top of the towering peaks, and some which include walking through sizeable creeks between the walls of a canyon.

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