Analog Linear-Trajectory Filter

Norm Bartley

We (Roger Bertschmann, Len Bruton and I) have investigated analog structures to implement the recursive 3-D linear-trajectory filters described here.

This work was presented at ISCAS 1995 [C11] in Seattle, WA.

Shown at left is a single frame of an image sequence filmed at Canada Olympic Park, the site of several events at the 1988 Winter Olympics here in Calgary. Objects that move in this sequence are chairs on the chairlift and skiers whizzing by. The moving input image MPEG sequence can be viewed here(175K, 160x120, 100 frames).

Shown here is a single frame of of the output sequence corresponding to the above input frame. The filter is tuned to enhance objects moving at the speed and direction of the downward-moving chairs. As shown, the downward-moving chair in the center of the image is clearly visible. The upward-moving chairs have been rejected and so have the skiers. This is more clearly evident if you look at the output MPEG sequence (124K, 160x120, 100 frames).