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Eric Cheng writes:
Good writes:
Great initiative, i will certainly come back

Willy Gonnason writes:
Hi Norm! What a picture! Good to see you still have hair... Some of us aren't so lucky...

Greg Bond ( writes:
Nice home page. [ ... personal enquiry deleted ... ]
I particularly like the comments/suggestions part of your home page. We should get one just like it here at UBC EE.

Sunil Kumar writes:
Hello: it was interesting browsing through you web ... was looking for some info on wavelets and i did obtain from your web ... [...enquiry deleted...] (sunil)

Keith Procter writes:
I'll be looking forward to Len Bruton's Online Tutorials!!!
Keith Procter

H. C. Wood writes:
I appreciate your efforts in making your research work available on the www. We have several people doing image processing/analysis for different applications and would be happy to exchange results/ideas. We have projects going with TRLabs and with industrial firms in Saskatoon.
Hugh Wood, Head, Dept of EE, Uof

Leonard MacEachern writes:
I thought your download page was well done! This is the first site I've come across with download options presented as menues.
<...enquiry deleted...>

Pierre-Martin Tardif writes:
Clear and understandable.

Feedback on Dr. Len Bruton's ENEL 593 Digital Filters page writes:
An interesting and welcome addition to internet. I've saved several of your pages and will read them later. As rather a rusty student of DSP I hope I will find them good revision.
Many thanks, Steve.

Ron Starr writes:
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to browse your site.
I will probably be back seeking additional information. writes:
I visited your web site and found the information to be great.
<...enquiry deleted...>

Alfredo Duarte writes:
Very impressive page (even if I don't understand much of it)! <...enquiry deleted...>

Bala Krishnan writes:
Great Web site! Thanks for letting me browse. Hummingbird Communictions

Peter Bubik writes:
Good stuff

Isil Celasun( writes:
Hi, An up to date research group! A professional home page! Thanks.