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Financial Support

The MDDSP Research Group receives financial support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Reseach Council (NSERC) of Canada, the Micronet Federal Network of Centres of Excellence and the Government of Alberta. The Group is located in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our work is concerned with the engineering applications of multidimensional signals, of which digital images are of particular interest.

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Principal Investigator

Dr. Len Bruton, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Research Engineer

Norm Bartley, Department of Electrical and Computer Enginering.

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Research Topics and Researchers' Home Pages

We carry out research on such topics as:

For details about our research projects, and some of the professional and personal interests of our researchers, please consult the following:

Rear: Norm Bartley, Cam Taylor, Kazem Najafi, Chris Kulach, Andreas Dilger, Chia-Luh Chung.
Front: including Naoki Matsumoto, Len Bruton, Margaret Cheng.
(Photograph taken February 1995.)

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On-line Publications

On-line publications may be downloaded

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Demonstrations of our 3D Filter Research

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Fractal Art Show and Awards for this Web Site

Not to be taken too seriously but you may possibly be interested in

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