PART TWO - The Emergence of Scientific Ideas and Innovations


We Stand On Their Shoulders

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Len Bruton's Course Powerpoint Notes and Web Links:  

Fundamentals of Evolution - disabled

Complexity, Chaos and Self-organization - disabled

The Selfish Gene and Genetic Evolution - disabled

Primates and Homo Sapiens - disabled

Consciousness and Innovation - disabled

Selfish Thoughts, Memes and Memetic Evolution - disabled

Memetic Evolution and Biological Evolution - disabled

Early Human Innovations - disabled

From Nomads to Farmers to Explorers - disabled

The Three Ages of Science - disabled

  1. The Age of Classical Scholarship - disabled

  2. The Middle Ages - disabled

  3. The Age of Reason - disabled

Pre-industrial Technologies and Innovations - disabled

After completing Part Two, you should have a fundamental understanding of life processes as they have evolved on Earth and of the emergence of the human species, of the concept of human consciousness and of human innovation as a process.