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Webmaster's Note: Dr. Lazar is no longer in this area of research and has left the university to enter private business. However, please read on if you are still interested. This page was last updated February 6, 1996.

I am involved in three primary areas of research:

I also like to do other things like listen to music and play guitar and bass guitar (I play in a local band with other Ph.D. students). I also enjoy squash and I'm really trying to get this golf thing working. I also think that the NextStep operating system is the only way to go and that Dilbert is the best comic strip around.

Research areas


Regular M-band wavelets which meet the regularity requirements and have good pass-band and stop-band responses for all filters. Here's a postscript plot of the frequency response and time-domain plots (876K) of a 3-Band paraunitary filter bank which meets the wavelet regularity criterion. (This page is taken from my dissertation, which has not been published yet.) See this reference for further details.

Combining wavelets and mixed-D filtering

The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and mixed-domain filtering are combined so that mixed-domain filtering takes place on the subband signals which result from the wavelet transform. In this way, a controlled mechanism of partitioning the frequency spectrum is introduced into mixed-domain filtering, permitting a reduction in the overall computational requirements. Here's a block diagram of Combined DWT/Mixed-D filtering (50K) .As above, this diagram is taken from my forthcoming dissertation. If you are interested in more information, refer to this paper.

Fractal block digital video signals

Fractal block coding of images has recently received a lot of attention recently. In this research, the basic fractal block coding algorithm is extended to the true (i.e. inter-frame) coding of digital video. Follow this link to see a frame (84K) from the decoded "Saleman" sequence (224K) . Refer to this paper for more details.

If you would like to visit Yuval Fisher's fractal coding WWW site, click here.


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