Recent Graduates

oMargaret Cheng, M.Sc., January 1997.
Margaret is now with Array Systems Computing Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
oCam Taylor, M.Sc., November 1996.
Cam is now with Harris Canada, Wireless Communications Division, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
oChia-Luh Chung, M.Sc., August 1996.
Chung is now with Centre for Wireless Communications, NUS, Singapore.
oChris Kulach, M.Sc., August 1996.
Chris is now with NovAtel Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
oKazem Najafi, M.Sc., March 1995.
Kazem is now with Leitch Video, Inc., in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
oMichael Lazar, Ph.D., September 1994.
Michael is cofounder of WorldWeb Technologies, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
oBo Liu, M.Sc., November 1990, and Ph.D., March 1995.
Bo is currently with Newbridge Networks, Kanata, Ontario, Canada.
oRoger Bertschmann, M.Sc., September 1993.
Roger joined Philips in Zurich, Switzerland, and is now with NovAtel Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
oDave Jin, M.Sc., July 1993.
Dave is now with NorTel in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
oYuejin Zhang, M.Sc., March 1991, and Ph.D., July 1993.
Yuejin is now with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
oSteven Knudsen, Ph.D., September 1992.
Steven joined the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is now back in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with Wi-LAN Inc.

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