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Research Topics

Our research group focuses on the theory and applications of multidimensional (MD) signal processing, with emphasis on three-dimensional (3D) discrete-domain filters applied to the image sequence and graphics problems.  Our current and past work has been internationally and nationally recognized and has received a number of international and national awards.

We carry out research on such topics as:

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Principal Investigator  -  Dr. Len Bruton, FRSC, FIEEE, P.Eng.

Current Graduate Students

Don Dansereau,  M.Sc. student

Santosh Singh,  M.Sc. student

Bentley Anderson,  M.Sc. student

Arjuna  Madanayake,  M.Sc. student

Leila Khademi,  M.Sc. student

Bernhard Kuenzle,  M.Sc. student

Recent Graduate Students

Chad Dreveny  M.Sc.,     Remi Gurski  M.Sc.,     James Gordy,  M.Sc.  Margaret Cheng  M.Sc.,  Cameron Taylor  M.Sc.,

Chia-Luh Chung  M.Sc.,   Chris Kulach  M.Sc.,    Kazem Najafi  M.Sc.,    Mike Lazar  Ph.D.,   Roger Bertschmann  M.Sc.

Dave Jin  M.Sc.,   Yuejin Zhang  M.Sc.,  Steven Knudsen  Ph.D.,   Bo Liu, M.Sc.

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The Group, February 1995


Rear: Norm Bartley, Cam Taylor, Kazem Najafi, Chris Kulach, Andreas Dilger, Chia-Luh Chung.
Front: including Naoki Matsumoto, Len Bruton, Margaret Cheng.

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On-line Publications

On-line publications may be downloaded

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MPEG Demonstrations of our 3D Filter Research

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Fractal Art Show and Awards for this Web Site

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Financial Support

The MDDSP Research Group receives financial support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Reseach Council (NSERC) of Canada. The Group is located in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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