Enel 699 Multidimensional Signal Processing H(3-1)

Winter Session 2004

by Len Bruton


This is a graduate course in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If necessary, go to my preparation notes.

Course Information:

Download Course Information in PDF format.   This document describes the organization of the course and a summary statement about prerequisite knowledge.


Calendar Outline:

Characterization of multidimensional (MD) signals, the MD Laplace, Fourier and Z transforms. Practical analog and digital signals and their MD energy density spectra. Aliasing, convolution, boundary conditions, causality, and stability in MD.  Characterization of linear shift-invariant systems using MD transform transfer functions. State variable representations of MD systems. Elementary decompositions of MD transfer functions and bounded-input bounded-output stability. Design and implementation of MD digital filters. Applications of MD signal processing in engineering systems. Two- and three-dimensional digital signal processing in seismic, sonar, imaging and broadcast television.


Tuesdays:   9.00 – 10.15 a.m.
Thursdays: 9.00 – 10.15 a.m.

Content and Delivery:

The course is intended for students wishing to pursue research in multidimensional or multimedia signal processing with applications in image and real-time video processing.  The content of the course is a mix of lectures and discussions with reading and Matlab-based assignments.  The lectures are based on key results from the literature and the discussions are based on reading and other assignments.

Prepare By Reviewing 1D Filter Theory:

Students are strongly advised to review the undergraduate Learning Units for the course Enel593 Digital Filters as preparation for this course.  They may be downloaded in PDF format:

Download Enel 593 Digital Filters Learning Units

You may wish to consult the Revision List.

Review Question (Word) - Fourier Transform of a Windowed Gate Function


Enel 699 Course Notes:

The copyrighted (incompleted) course notes are available in PDF format:

Chapter 1  - An Introduction To Signals and Functions
Chapter 2  - An Introduction To Multidimensional Signals and Functions
Chapter 3  - Linear Trajectory and Plane Wave Signals and Functions
Chapter 4 -  Energy and Power
Chapter 5 - The Fourier Series
Chapter 6 - The Fourier Transform
Chapter 7 - MD Continuous-Domain Systems
Chapter 8 - MD Discrete-Domain Systems

Len Bruton

January 2003